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We deliver a comprehensive chemical and energy management services for clients to grow and succeed in the Kuwait market.

Energy Consulting Firm in Kuwait
Chemicals Consulting Company in Kuwait
Secure opportunities in this changing vital industry. In 2018, Kuwait managed to achieve the second highest chemical revenue growth of 32% in the Middle East. It is in line with Kuwait's 2035 strategy which aims to expand industrial segment and further seal its position as a global centre for petrochemical production.

Kuwait is one of the world's top oil producers and holds one of the biggest oil reserves in the world. The sector accounts for approximately 90% of export revenues. However, the country is targeting to increase the share of renewable energy generation to 15% by 2030, aiming to diversify its energy mix.

Market Research Kuwait is committed to provide chemical and energy advisory services across different segments, ranging from petrochem and agrochemicals, chemical 4.0, and also sustainability and circular economy. Our team of skilled consultants will guide you to address market challenges and build the best strategy to succeed in the local Kuwait market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Kuwait Market Intelligence

We're experienced in providing practical Kuwait marketplace insights to our clients and help them in anticipating swift changes in market demands and competitive landscape.

Kuwait Market Entry

We measure some considerable alternatives to reduce financial uncertainty for our clients by mapping related market data, including competitors, customers, channels, partners, and many more.

Kuwait Competitive Intelligence

We identify market competition in the local Kuwait market and get understanding from best experiences to avoid costly omissions. Clients will be given unique advantage through the discovery of competitors' blind spots and untapped market opportunities.

Kuwait Customer Intelligence

Our expert team will analyze buyers' persona and use the data on their demographic, behavior and buying trends to give strategic input for new products' development.


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